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Saturday, October 23, 2010


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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

God exists?

Well, let suppose if there's No God, No Allah, No Ram, Nothing. We have our own way of living and we decide what road our life takes on.

Oh! Time nahin hai abhi...!!! shit!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

There was Success because There was Failure

What would you do if you came to know that you would never Fail?

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The beautiful life

He liked gazing at stars, who were disappearing under the glaring, megalomaniac rays of its counterpart. In the proximity to us, the fragile earthlings, along with the dews who were changing themselves accordingly the world's principles.
He felt his life has lost it's pace and is moving towards an eternal stillness.....

Friday, June 27, 2008

Soul Haul - Being yourself is neither being selfish nor different

Once I have told a friend of mine, for he's being rather pretentious, that why not you try to be yourself. Why you are concealing your inner self in an illusion and all that? Do you think you will receive any claps or appreciations for obscuring your real you? Never. Even if you continue with this hide & seek game you can't keep yourself happy. An unknown fear will intimidate you whenever you present yourself to the people. Because you know it's not you. It's your deception and this will make you commit blunders.

Now see my buddy’s approach to negativity. To prove himself the high and mighty, he has argued that, “being yourself is being selfish”. So dear friends, being yourself is doing what your inner self tells you to do and not the selfishness. Being yourself is being simple, because it relieves your mind off the complexities.

So change your thinking, as they are entirely different attitudes. You should try to be yourself, and different. You can be different in all aspects, and comfortable too. There are too many options to explore. But it never meant that if you have a desire for something and someone has already have this then, for the sake of being different, you will deny this. No. You have the right to enjoy it because comfort is first and foremost.

So, how will you brought comfort in your life? By possessing what your mind craves for. Ok. But it’s the materialistic way. Now let’s move to the spiritual side. To get the comfort, feel it. Yes. Feel the way your thoughts want you to, and you will find solace at your heart. Your thinking is all you need to rule the world. You can live here only if you think differently.

Monday, June 23, 2008

SkoolsOnline Technologies on the way to get SEOed!!

I never had the experience of working on my own company's website SEO. Isn't it ironical that an online branding company has never worked out its own branding. Well, I have reasons to agree and disagree over it. I agree that we need to be an example for what we do. And I disagree because SkoolsOnline Technologies has no time out to work its own branding. Our clients and our quality of services are the best way to promote our brand.

Brand means Quality. If you haven't got quality services, how come SEO would help you position your brand. This is something I call Inorganic way to Brand-building.

Your clients are your brand. You leave a good experience for your client and it automatically initiates a brand building process.

But this time I seriously decided to plunge into it. To get the SkoolsOnline Technologies SEOed.

I think SEO is not something actually related to branding. It's a pure way to get the business, the leads, the clients. And then clients help you in brand building. So everything is inter-connected.

Ok. So as I'm into the Search Engine Optimization of SkoolsOnline Technologies, an Online Branding and Web 2.0 applications development company. At the very beginning, I did an analysis of what the world thinks of my present site design and contents. And voila!! I got 5 out of 5!! Then, with the help of some good tools, I found out the discrepancies in my meta tags, descriptions, company's presence at social networks, web 2.0 portals and blogs. It greatly helped me in making the work easier and focussed.

Looking at the result after two weeks of all this, It seems I can shun off quite a few competitors in the next month only.
Visit again and you will read another great success story from SkoolsOnline Technologies!!
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